Grandstream DP750 DECT Phone Base and DECT Phone


Grandstream DP750 Dect Phone Kenya

Grandstream DP750 in Kenya is a powerful IP DECT base station that supports as much as 5 Grandstream DP720 IP DECT handsets, offering mobility to business and residential users. DP750 Covers a range of up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors, giving users freedom to move around their work or home space with efficient flexibility. Grandstream DP750 supporting 10 SIP line registrations and 4 concurrent calls.Any handset attached to the DP750 could be mapped to any SIP account and the opposite way round. The base station enables you to pick the mode of ringing from the paired handsets: circular, linear, parallel or shared.


Grandstream DP750 Mombasa

A part of the new DP7-series DECT IP Telephones for VoIP, the DP750 in Nairobi features superb voice quality, rich set of features, market leading price-performance and wide selection radio coverage which permit users to experience the advantages of mobility and Voice-over-IP for a minimum investment. The Grandstream DP750 in Eldoret is fully compliant with SIP / DECT standard and field proven for flexible deployment.TLS and SRTP security encryption technologies are included as with every other Grandstream device and provisioning using Zero Config from the Grandstream’s UCM series makes it easier to get the phone working in just a few steps. Grandstream Dp750 Dect Phone Kenya Nairobi

  • Each DP750 Base are designed for up to 5 DP720 Handsets
  • Range as much as 300 meters Outdoors/ 50 Meters Indoors
  • 10 Sip Accounts and Up to 10 lines per handset
  • 3 Way Audio conferencing
  • Built-in PoE (For DP750 Base Station only)
  • HD Audio for both the handset and also the Speakerphone
  • 1.8 Inch Color LCD Screen (DP720 Dect Phone)
  • 3.5 mm Headset Jack on DP720
  • Supports Call Transfer, Call Forward, DND, Message Waiting Indication and more
  • Enhancing Mobility
    • The easy – to – deploy Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater comes in handy in locations where mobile coverage across several floors or throughout large buildings is required. It not only increases the reception range between individual bases and handsets, but also connects base stations, thus enhancing mobility by creating one smooth network. The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater  also delivers an unmatched audio quality, regardless of whether the calls are in narrowband or wideband codecs. The wall mountable Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater enhances the reception range of DP720 and DP750 DECT handsets, resulting in free mobility between stations, while maintaining clear audio quality for DECT calls even when the speaker is moving around the area.
  • Easy User Interface
    • The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater has been built to offer the user an easy experience when setting it up and operating it. The lightweight device is equipped with a dual – color LED indicator that alerts the user of important details such as battery status, missed calls and new voicemails. It also enables a user to make 2 concurrent wideband calls. The highly efficient Grandstream DP760  DECT Repeater allows for slot multiplexing, slot packing and full slot move over request.
  • DECT Technology
    • Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications or Digital European Cordless Telecommunications(DECT) is a technology that is majorly used in wireless phone systems to connect the cordless phone to a base station. The Grandstream DP760 DECT  Repeater uses DECT 6.0, CAT-iq1.0 (wideband) technology which not only supports different frequency bands ranging between 1880-1900 MHz (EU), 1910-1930 MHz (Latin America), and 1920-1930 MHz (US), but also supports four power levels including, 14, 17, 20, and  24 dBm. It also supports seamless handover using connection handover, wideband voice and authentication/encryption of base and handset .
  • Transmission & Reception Range
    • The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater boasts of a long transmission of up to 50 meters when indoors, and up to 300 meters for outdoors (for indoor use only).
  • Multi-language User Interface
    • The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater is configured to support various different languages including Arabic, Chinese Simple, Chinese Traditional, Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Spanish, and Turkish.
  • High Efficiency
    • The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater pushes versatility to a new high, thanks to its ability to complement already existing fixtures for enhanced web and audio conferencing, as well as other communication needs. This makes it easy to integrate seamlessly into any office setup without disorienting earlier structures and work ethic. Furthermore, the device is easy to redeploy as the business grows and needs to transform.
  • Portability
    • The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater has been compactly designed and is extremely lightweight, weighing only 143g, with its adapter weighing approximately 50g.  This enables a user to easily keep it in a bag and carry it anywhere without much strain.
  • Interoperability
    • Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater supports Phase I (CAT-iq TS 102 527). It is also equipped with two internal omni-directional antennas for better transmission and reception, and patented interchangeable clips, EU and US clip included, with the UK clip being available optionally.
  • Wall Mountable
    • The Grandstream DP760 DECT Repeater gives the user an easy installation and operation experience. It comes with an included wall mount, enabling you to set it up within seconds, resulting in a cleaner and organized work station.

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