Logitech C925e Webcam Nairobi, Kenya


Logitech C925e Webcam Kenya

Logitech C925e Webcam delivers razor-sharp video at an amazingly affordable price for an enhanced face-to-face meeting experience from virtually any desktop. Logitech C925e is compatible with Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber and offers enhanced integration with BlueJeans, Broadsoft, LifeSize Cloud, Vidyo, and Zoom.


Logitech C925e Webcam Nairobi, Mombasa – Kenya

Under the hood of its sleek black style and design is the perfect Logitech C925e Webcam that is primed to achieve each and every focal point of any room. Two omnidirectional microphones also enable the Logitech C925e Webcam to deliver unbeatable sound quality. The design is amazing and the image is Crisp and Crystal Clear courtesy of its 1080p sharpness, autofocus and light correction, a guarantee that footage from every office exercise covered will always look fresh and quality. This is made even better by the image stabilization which gives you steady shots.

Its Cloud affiliation also brings content and data from your server at your fingertips, relying on the ever-efficient Amazon server to enable you keep at par with your recordings regardless of your location. Simply sign into your portal and gain access to all that is stored under your account.

Logitech C925e is compatible with Skype for Business and Cisco Jabber and offers enhanced integration with BlueJeans, Broadsoft, LifeSize Cloud, Vidyo, and Zoom. Show your best side on every video call, wherever you are. The C925e Webcam in Nairobi, Mombasa City features a 78-degree field of view, just right for one or two people. With RightLight  2 Technology, the C925e intelligently adjusts to improve visual quality in low-light and backlit situations. Logitech C925e Webcam is brilliantly designed for anyone seeking enhanced video collaboration.

Logitech C925e Dubai

Logitech C925e Webcam Nairobi, Mombasa

Great Video in Any Environment
Look your best on video calls. The 78-degree field of view is just right for one or two people. And RightLight 2 Technology auto adjusts to improve visual quality in low light and backlit situations.
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Logitech C925e Webcam Nairobi, Mombasa

Logitech C925e In Nairobi, Mombasa offer USB plug-and-play connectivity makes it a breeze to set up and operate — it even works with any video conferencing software application, including the ones you already use. With advanced business certifications and enhanced integration with Logitech Collaboration Program (LCP), members1 users can expect a seamless, integrated meeting experience. The C925e webcam provides an outstanding collaboration experience improving visual quality in low light and backlit situations at multiple distances. Omni-directional dual stereo microphones deliver crystal clear sound in private offices and open workspaces. Users can also quickly get privacy and security from the video stream with the built-in privacy shutter.

Logitech C925E Business Webcam Features :

  • Full HD 1080p video calling (up to 1920 x 1080 pixels); 720p HD video calling (up to 1280 x 720 pixels) with supported clients
  • 78° field of view
  • Right light™ 2 Technology for clarity in various lighting environments, even low light
  • Autofocus
  • Integrated privacy shade
  • Two Omni-directional mics
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 certified (USB 3.0 ready)
  • Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD, or CRT monitors
  • Windows® 7 or higher macOS® X 10.7 or higher SUSE Linux® 11 SP2 (for Cisco® VXC6215) One USB 2.0 port
  • Certified for Skype for Business Optimized for Microsoft® Lync® Skype Certified Cisco Jabber® and WebEx® compatible

High Definition Video

Logitech’s technologies and innovativeness bring on board a full High Definition camera lens shooting in 1080p at 30 frames per second for infinite video detail, clarity and sharpness. The webcam enjoys an impressive wide-edge 110° field of view which provides a quality video collaboration experience with improved visual quality even in low light situations, thanks to the inbuilt RightLight 2 Technology. The webcam is also suitable for blogging, gaming, and Live to stream, and is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10, 2000 and XP, as well as Mac OS X and Android TV. It easily plugs into applications and software among them OBS, Skype, Facebook, YouTube, and  Twitter.

Easy Setup

The Logitech C925e Webcam is specifically designed to give users quick installation as well as ease of operation. Furthermore, the unit plugs effortlessly into other office peripherals and systems to give you unmatched video conferencing luxury. The user is also able to mount the C925e Webcam across different platforms depending on preference and choice, from an LCD screen, to a notebook, to a tabletop while enjoying the flexibility of an adjustable clip. The system not only plugs effortlessly into any Smart TV but is also compatible with various professional standard virtual conferencing applications like Zoom, Skype for Business, BlueJeans, LifeSize Cloud, Broadsoft, and Vidyo.

Omnidirectional Stereo Microphones

Bring the power of a lively conference to your meeting room using the Logitech C925e Webcam as it comes with two omnidirectional stereo microphones. The pick-up is so sharp that everything from explosions to whispers come alive, ensuring that audio is picked clearly and in entirety for private offices and open work spaces.

The Convenience of Privacy and Portability

Logitech C925e Webcam offers an internal privacy and peaceful experience whenever the camera is not in use. Its video stream is designed with an inbuilt privacy shutter which ensures that the user can get their much needed privacy and security during its operation. The camera dimensions are 73mm x 126mm x 45mm inclusive of the cable and clip. It weighs six ounces (6 lb.), giving it great portability as a gadget you can move around with.

Plug-and-Play Connectivity

Logitech C925e Webcam comes with an easy plug-and-Play connectivity which makes device set up easy and operation user friendly. Users can enjoy a smooth meeting experience with advanced business certifications and enhanced integrations through the Logitech Collaboration Program (LPC).

Versatile Mounting Options

Mount the camera wherever it works best – LCD screen, notebook, or tabletop – with the adjustable clip, or mount C925e on your own tripod instead.

Convenient Privacy Shade

C925e features an internal privacy shade to assure privacy and peace of mind when the camera is not in use.


Logitech C925e Webcam is certified for Skype for business, optimized for Microsoft® Lync®, Skype® and is compatible with  Cisco Jabber®  and WebEx®.


Up to 1080p video calling at 30 frames-per-second
(up to 1920 x 1080 pixels)
Integrated Privacy Shade
H.264 video compression
Built-in dual stereo mics with automatic noise
Automatic low-light correction
Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (USB 3.0 ready)
Tripod-ready universal clip fits laptops, LCD or CRT Monitors


Without clip & cable:
126 x 29 x 32 mm
5.0 x 1.2 x 1.3”
170g / 6.0 oz

Including clip & cable:
126 x 73 x 45 mm
5.0 x 2.9 x 1.8”
170g / 6.0 oz


  • Windows® 7, Windows® 8 or Windows® 10
  • Mac® OS X® 10.7 or higher
  • SUSE Linux 11 SP2 (for Cisco VXC6215)

Certified for Skype for Business, Optimized for
Microsoft® Lync®, Skype® certified, Cisco Jabber® and
WebEx® compatible2

Logitech C925e Webcam
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