Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e Nairobi, Kenya


Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e Kenya

The Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e in Kenya connects to a mobile phone or tablet via  USB or Bluetooth wireless and supports NFC touch-to-pair technology. It also has an integrated stand that holds your device for second-screen versatility. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Advanced DSP technology enables precise tuning for both the mic and speaker, so conversations are more life-like. Right wideband audio, lets you enjoy a life-like communication experience. The speakerphone also features acoustic echo cancellation and a noise-canceling microphone for premium sound even in noisy environments


Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e Nairobi, Mombasa – Kenya

The Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e is the company’s first entry in the smartphone market. It is built specifically to handle conference calls for smartphones. However, it’ll work with just about anything thanks to the Bluetooth connection, so even if you’re in the new age and host calls over Skype or Google Hangouts from your laptop, you don’t have to be limited by your computer’s audio hardware. However, the P710e is explicitly built for smartphones, and as evident with today’s laptops, they don’t need better audio technology. Logitech P710e speakerphone lets you instantly connect and start a video conference using your mobile device.

Turn any workspace into an instant conference room. The Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e gives you hands-free calling and great audio for your phone or tablet. Noise-cancelling technology helps ensure everyone can clearly hear and be heard. You can also pair up to eight Bluetooth® devices or connect with NFC by simply connecting a device to the Logitech P710e speakerphone, and take your next conference call almost anywhere. The Logitech P710e Speakerphone holds your device steady for undisturbed visibility on the other end of the call while you take notes or type on a second device or computer.

Logitech P710e Dubai

Logitech P710e Dubai

Robust Battery Power :

When you need to take a call in a busy office, at home, or in a hotel room, the P710e speakerphone provides long battery life with up to 15 hours of talk time on a full single charge. This can last throughout a long and busy work day, ensuring that you do not miss out on any important phone calls.

Full – Duplex Audio :

A custom speaker and noise-cancelling mic offer clear sounds on both ends of the call, by filtering out any background noises that may cause distractions during the phone call.

Headphone Jack for Maximum Privacy :

A user can also plug headphones into the P710e speakerphone for additional privacy during phone calls.

Touch Controls :

Touch controls with LED indicators provide excellent response without transmitting audible noise through the audio path. The Logitech P710e speakerphone holds your device steady for undisturbed visibility on the other end of the call while you take notes or type on a second device or computer.

Dynamic Equalizer : 

The Logitech P710e Speakerphone automatically switches between voice and music modes, delivering the best sound quality and EQ for what content the user is listening to.

USB Cable Management :

Logitech P710e Speakerphone offers an excellent cable management system where the USB cable is hard-wired into the speakerphone so that it never gets lost. Moreover, it neatly coils away under the unit when the cable is not being used.

Reliable Bluetooth Connectivity with NFC Pairing :

When you’re ready to jump on a call, connect your mobile phone or tablet to the P710e speakerphone using Bluetooth with optional NFC pairing or the attached USB cable. Pair up to eight Bluetooth devices. Easily pair and unpair NFC-enabled mobile devices to the P710e by simply touching them together. Video conferencing is comfortable with the Logitech P710e Speakerphone.

Device stand provides second-screen versatility :
An integrated stand positions a mobile phone or tablet at just the right angle for shake-free video calls and hands-free access to the mobile screen.

UC Platform Compatibility :

Optimized for Microsoft Lync, Cisco compatible1, and certified for Skype® and Skype for Business, the P710e provides enterprise-quality audio and integrated conferencing experience. With laptops, the P710e can also be connected via USB to both charges and transmit audio over USB.

Battery charge via USB or AC adaptor :

The Logitech P710e speakerphone offers two battery charging options. A user can simply charge their speakerphone from a laptop or by connecting to a wall power source.

Zippered Neoprene Carrying Case :

The Logitech P710e comes with a zippered neoprene case which offers maximum protection to the speakerphone against moisture, dust or any other foreign elements that may cause it to stop working.

Small, Portable Size :

The Logitech P710e Speakerphone is tiny in size. It has a small divet that opens up to place a smartphone or tablet. Its 120x120x40mm body can almost fit in a pocket, and it’s great for travel and storage. And even at that size, it will last up to 15 hours of call time.


Logitech P710e Speakerphone Specifications :


Microphones (TX)

    • Omni-directional microphone, 360°coverage
    • Frequency response: 50 Hz to 8 kHz
    • Supports wideband and narrowband speech

Speaker (RX)

    • Frequency response: 140 Hz to 16 kHz
    • Support wideband speech and HIFI audio
    • Volume: adjustable to 85 dBA at 0.5 meter

Auxiliary Audio Output

    • 3.5mm jack
    • Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz


  • Windows Vista® or higher
  • macOS 10.8 or later
  • Linux® 
  • Bluetooth devices
  • One USB 2.0 port


  • Height x Width x Depth:
  • 120 mm x 120 mm x 40 mm
  • Weight: 275 g

Application Compatibility

  • Compatible with most leading conferencing platforms including Skype and Skype for Business, Zoom, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts Pro, Cisco® and more.1


  • Certified for Skype and Skype for Business; Cisco compatible


  • Logitech Mobile Speakerphone P710e
  • Neoprene Travel Case
  • Setup guide and warranty card


2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty