Cisco CP-7962G Unified IP Phone Kenya


Cisco CP-7962G Unified IP Phone Kenya  

The Cisco CP-7962G Unified IP Phone in Nairobi offers an extra huge display that makes customizing the interface and easily accessing phone features much simpler. Support for wideband audio and built-in echo cancellation offers crystal-clear voice through the receiver, speakerphone or a connected headset.


Cisco CP-7962G Unified IP Phone Nairobi 

The Cisco CP-7962G Unified IP Phone Nairobi has a big, 4-bit grayscale graphical LCD that delivers features such as date and time, calling party number, calling party name, digits dialed, and presence information. The crisp graphic ability of the display lets for the presence of higher value, more visibly rich Extensible Markup Language (XML) applications, and support for localization demanding double-byte Unicode encoding for fonts. A hands-free speakerphone and handset designed for hi-fidelity wideband audio are standard on the Cisco CP-7962G IP Phone, as is a built-in headset connection and a combined Ethernet switch. The Cisco CP-7962G Kenya has six programmable backlit line or feature keys and four interactive soft keys that guide you overall call features and functions.

Cisco Unified Communications Solutions combine voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, providing a media-rich collaboration experience across business, government agency, and official workspaces. These applications use the network as the platform to improve relative benefit by accelerating decision time and decreasing transaction time. The security, flexibility, and scalability of the network allow users in any workspace to easily connect anywhere, anytime, and anyplace, using any media, device or operating system. Cisco Unified Communications in Eldoret is part of a complete solution that includes network infrastructure, wireless, security, management applications, lifecycle services, flexible deployment and outsourced management options, and third-party applications. Attach an expansion module to the Cisco CP-7962G Kenya and scales the phone’s control over the telephony network. This VoIP phone Kenya is interoperable with SIP and SCCP, supporting a varied assortment of available features.

Cisco CP-7962G Unified IP Phone Features:

  • Integrated Ethernet switch
  • Multiple VoIP protocol support
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Supports differentiated services code point (DSCP) and 802.1Q/p standards.
  • An optional add-on module, the Cisco Unified IP Phone Expansion Module 7914, provides 14 additional buttons for programming directory numbers or speed dials. Up to two expansion modules can be used.
  • Built-in support for more than 30 languages (dependent on Cisco Unified Communications Manager version).
  • IP address assignment can be statically configured or configured through the DHCP client.

Ultra Clear Backlit Graphical Display Screen :

The Cisco CP – 7962G IP phone is equipped with a graphical monochrome display with a resolution of 192 x 64 pixels and a white backlight which provides scrollable three-line intuitive to offer its user an enhanced visual clarity. The backlit screen also gives the user a quick access to details since it has two programmable backlit line keys and four interactive soft buttons that guide you through all call features and functions.

HD Wideband Audio :

The Cisco CP-7962G IP Phone boasts of a full-duplex speakerphone which supports the use of wideband audio codecs to deliver crystal clear sounds, ensuring that both the listener and the speaker can enjoy clear, natural and life-like conversations.

Supports the use of Headsets :

A dedicated headset port eliminates the need for a separate amplifier when using a headset; it allows the handset to remain in its cradle, making headset use simpler.

24 Defined User- selectable Ring Tones :

The Cisco CP-7962G IP Phone is a highly customizable device which enables its user to adjust settings according to their preference. It comes with 24 defined user – selectable ring tones which can be used as desired for a more exciting and fun communication experience.  Ring tones may also be personalizes through use of the Cisco Unified Phone Application Suite.

Easy User Interface : 

Cisco CP-7962G IP Phone is an easy-to-use gadget which requires no technical expertise of its user. It is equipped with permanently-labeled buttons which are used to access various functions such as Speaker, Headset, Mute, Volume, Avaya Menu, Phone, History, Contacts, and Voicemail Message, as well as a permanently-labeled navigation cluster  which enables the user to navigate the screen easily as desired (Up/Down, Left/Right, OK). This saves time therefore maximizing efficiency in the office.

Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) :

The Cisco CP-7962G IP Phone is comes with dual 10/100Mbps Ethernet switch ports which are used to connect the IP phone to a Power over Ethernet.

Lighted Message Waiting Indicator:

Lights when there is new voicemail and is visible on both the phone chassis and the handset; stays lit until new voicemail has been processed by the user

Multiple Language Support :

The Cisco CP-7962G IP Phone is designed to support  more than 30 languages depending on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager version.

Hearing Aid – Compatible :

The handset is hearing aid-compatible and meets Federal Communications Commission (FCC) loudness requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Section 508 loudness requirements can be achieved using industry-standard inline handset amplifiers such as Walker Equipment W-10 or CE-100 amplifiers. Dial pad is also ADA-compliant.

Single – position Foot stand :

The phone offers optimum display viewing and comfortable use of buttons and keys. The foot stand can be removed for wall mounting with mounting holes located on the base of the phone.


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