Fanvil X3P IP Phone Kenya


Fanvil X3P IP Phone Kenya  

The Fanvil X3P IP Phone is a 2-line SIP phone is PoE enabled and offers superior user experience and easiness for home and office users with neat appearance and intelligent software. The X3P by Fanvil is placed to be not only a telephone siting on a user’s desktop for communication, but also a nice part of technological artwork in your living room or office.


Fanvil X3P IP Phone Mombasa

Making full-use of high-quality materials, plus a large 2.4 inch (320×240) color display , the Fanvil X3P IP Phone offers a smoother user experience, much more visual information at a glance, plus HD Voice characteristics. This phone is available in colors as the Yealink Fanvil X3C: Blue, Yellow and White and Red, thus giving you the freedom of choosing the color that you prefer best. Dual 10/100 Mbps(X3P: 10/100/1000 Mbps) network ports with integrated PoE are ideal for extended network use. The X3P series supports two VoIP accounts, simple, flexible, and secure installation options, Open VPN. It also operates with SRTP/ HTTPS/ TLS, 802.1x. As a very cost-effective and powerful IP solution, the X3P maximizes productivity in both small and large office environments.

The Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone in Nairobi is interoperable on main software platforms such as 3CX, Broadsoft, Asterisk, Elastix, Zycoo, etc.The Fanvil X3P IP Phone is the first IP phone designed from the user’s view and not from the IT professional’s one, who highlights complex business functionalities but ignore the real requirements of a user. Having a smart design and multiple advanced features, this IP phone by Fanvil was launched to support the goal of replacing the traditional phones in the residential and SMB market with the IP telephony. A desktop phone, unlike a personal mobile phone, often helps among numerous users in a family or office, therefore, Fanvil X3P passes in the concept of multi-user accounts and profiles. Additional, this model of IP phone Kenya is tailored with smart and instinctive call logs and phonebooks gained from the smartphones experience.

Fanvil X3P IP Phone Features:

  • Call out / answer / reject
  • Mute / Unmute (microphone)
  • Call Hold / Resume
  • Call Waiting
  • Intercom
  • Caller ID Display
  • Call Forwarding (Always/Busy/No Answer)
  • Call Transfer (Attended/Unattended)
  • Call Parking/Pick-up (depending on server)
  • Redial Do-Not-Disturb (per line / per phone)
  • Auto-Answering (per line)
  • Voice Message (on server)
  • Local 3-way Conference
  • Hot Line
  • 2 SIP Lines
  • HD Voice
  • User-Friendly Graphical Menu with Help description
  • Handset( HS) / Hands-free (HF) / Headphone (HP) mode
  • Desktop / Wall-mount installation
  • PoE (802.3af) – 5V/1A power supply not included with phone
  • Economical and Environmental friendly package
  • Industrial Standard Certifications: CE/FCC

Clear Backlight Screen :

The Fanvil X3P comes with a large 2.4 inch (320×240) color display which delivers an enhanced visual clarity, as well as an easy and quick access to information . The backlit screen is easy to read even in poor light conditions.

2 – Line Operation :

A user can easily make or receive calls using 2 different SIP lines. This feature is not only highly efficient in offices, but is also useful in boosting the productivity of workers.

Supports 3-way conferences :

The Fanvil X3P IP Phone is designed to allow for 3-way group calls to enable you to have a teleconference with two other parties, delivering a more powerful and flexible session management.

Effortless Configuration :

The Fanvil X3P IP Phone comes with an easy web – based configuration via phone and computer, resulting in additional convenience and increased productivity.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) Integrated :

Fanvil X3P IP Phone is equipped with two 10/100Mbps Gigabit Ethernet ports to allow for an easy connection to Power over Ethernet. It is designed without any heavy cabling thus reducing the number of wires on your working space and allowing for an easy installation of the IP Phone.

The Hands-free Mode :

The Fanvil X3P IP Phone is built to support the use of headsets, thus allowing the user to enjoy maximum mobility within the office. The headset can be easily connected to the IP Phone using an integrated RJ9 Port.

Multi-Platform Compatibility :

Based on SIP, the Fanvil X3P IP Phone is configured to allow for a full compatibility with major leading professional office platforms including Asterisk, 3CX, Elastix, BroadSoft, Zycoo, and many other world’s top platforms.

Multiple Installation Options :

Fanvil X3P IP Phone offers its user a quick and easy installation which requires no technical expertise. It can be installed in two adjustable angles of 45 – degrees and 50 – degrees, resulting in a neat workstation.

Fanvil X3P IP Phone Quick Specifications :

LCD x1: 128×48 dot-matrix with backlit
Keypad: 25 keys, including:
4 Soft-keys, 12 Standard Phone Digits keys, 2 Navigation keys (Up/Down), 2 Line keys with tri-color LED, 1 Redial / Call Log Key, 3 Volume Control keys, Up/Down/Mute(Microphone), 1 Hands-free / Headphone key
HD Hands-free Speaker (0 ~ 7KHz) x1
HD Hands-free Microphone (0 ~ 7KHz) x1
HD Handset (RJ9) x1
Standard RJ9 Handset Wire x1
1.5M CAT5 Ethernet Cable x1
RJ9 Phone Jacket x2: Handset x1, Headphone x1
RJ45 Ethernet Jacket x2: Network x1 (802.3AF POE Class 1 Enabled, X3P only), PC x1 (Bridged to Network)
Main Chipset: Broadcom
DC Power Input: 5V/1A
Power Consumption: Idle – ~ 1.1W, Peak – ~ 1.8W
Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40℃
Working Humidity: 10 ~ 65%
Dual-Functional Back Rack x1: Desktop Stand /Wall-mount
Color: Black (K) / White (W) / Red (R) / Blue (B) / Yellow (Y)
Package Dimensions: 275x215x62mm(W x H x L)


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