Grandstream GXP1782 Kenya


Grandstream GXP1782V Kenya

Grandstream GXP1782 in Kenya is a quality mid-range IP phone with superb benefits for office professionals. As well as more standard features such as 8 lines, 4 SIP accounts, 8 dual-color line keys, the GXP1782 has the added advantage of a Kensington Security Slot – one of the most popular anti-theft solutions on the market. The cost-effective prices of this handset do not mean fantastic features are compromised, including support of the fastest possible connection speeds with dual auto-sensing Gigabit network ports as well as automated provisioning features with media access control.



Grandstream GXP1782 Kenya

Grandstream GXP1782 is the latest offering in the mid-range IP phone market. This IP Phone is designed for people who want an enterprise-level phone without dipping all the way into the touchscreen market and beyond. The mid-level phone market is already saturated, so what exactly does the Grandstream GXP1782 bring to the table? The Grandstream GXP1782 is visually similar to the GXP2170 and GXP2135. In addition to the same black gloss screen bezel as the other two phones, the GXP1782 has a silver highlighted color screen, along with silver DTMF keys. The look is nice, but we’d like to see Grandstream pick a style and stick with it, at least for a little while. The GXP1782 is 9” wide with a 2”-wide handset with no central taper. The layout is good and the buttons are large and well-spaced. The eight-line/vMPK keys are positioned around the backlit 200 x 80 pixel LCD screen. It comes with the standard array of dedicated function keys: phone book, transfer, conference, headset, mute, and volume. There are also four-way directional keys for menu navigation. This layout seems consistent across all of the Grandstream’s enterprise phones.

Grandastream GXP1782 IP Phone has been developed specifically to scale with growing businesses. These endpoints provide all the basic features expected from modern IP endpoints, plus some more advanced functionalities that can be progressively integrated as the business expands. This allows enterprises to invest more into growing their business, without having to give up many of the useful and sometimes vital more advanced features. With a stylish design and mid-range call capacity, such phones are ideal for fast-growing SMBs requiring IP telephony features to evolve along with their business.

Grandstream Gxp1782 Ipt Phone Dubai

Grandstream Gxp1782 Dubai

Grandstream GXP1782 IP Phone Features

The Grandstream GXP1782 supports up to eight SIP accounts. As far as telephony features go, the GXP1782 offers hold, call transfer, call forward, call park, auto-answer, and off-hook auto-dial. The phone also has call waiting, 11 dedicated function keys, and 4 XML programmable context-sensitive keys. One feature that the GXP1782 may be lacking for a mid-range IP phone is Bluetooth.

5-Way Conferencing

A nice feature of many newer Grandstream models is multi-party conferencing. In the case of the GXP1782, the phone can conference up to five people together without having to use any third-party conferencing service. This is a big plus. Not every mid-range phone offers standalone five-way conferencing.

Handset Shape

This may come down to personal preference, but we found that the wide, nontapered handset was uncomfortable to hold. It really just feels too wide and too thin.

Virtual Multipurpose Keys

Users have myriad configuration options available to them with the GXP1782’s virtual multipurpose keys (vMPKs). You can configure each vMPK to do one of 22 different features. The GXP1782 has 32 different vMPK’s that you can configure. That brings the different possible setup combinations to more than 700. Below is a screenshot that captures some of the possible behaviors you can assign to a vMPK.

The number of vMPKs on the GXP1782 is one of the main reasons why the phone is a mid-level phone and not an entry-level one.

Handset Shape

This may come down to personal preference, but we found that the wide, nontapered handset was uncomfortable to hold. It really just feels too wide and too thin.

Voice Quality

The Grandstream GXP1782’s voice quality yielded excellent results in testing. Grandstream continues to add Opus codec support to new models, including the GXP1782. We found that SIP to SIP calls was pristine, and calls to the PSTN suffered from almost no quality dips.

We called some colleagues with the GXP1782 speakerphone to see how it sounded to them. Everyone we spoke to was very impressed with the call quality. The speakerphone picks up voices well, with minimal background noise. The voice quality is full, not echoey or tinny. Overall it was very much like speaking with someone using a handset.

Grandstream GXP1782 IP Phone Specifications

  • Conference calling for up to five participants
  • Up to six lines and six dual-color line keys
  • All six hard keys can be used as virtual multi-purpose keys (VMPKs) among four virtual pages, which add up to 24 VMPKs
  • Up to three SIP accounts
  • Four programmable XML context-sensitive soft keys
  • Dual switched auto-sensing Gigabit Network port for a PC
  • USB port for import and export of data
  • Support for the majority of mainstream and open voice codecs including G.729, G.711, G.722 Wideband and OPUS, among others
  • HD wideband audio, full-duplex speakerphone with advanced acoustic echo cancellation
  • Support of Electronic Hook Switch (EHS) compatible Plantronics headsets
  • TLS and SRTP security encryption technology
  • Personal phonebook with a capacity of up to 2,000 contacts
  • Call history with up to 500 records
  • A large backlit 200*80 pixel LCD display
  • Up to eight lines and eight dual-color line keys
  • Up to four SIP accounts
  • Up to 32 VMPKs (eight programmable keys across four virtual pages)
  • Layer 2 QoS (802.1Q, 802.1P) and Layer 3 (ToS, DiffServ, MPLS) QoS
  • Universal power adapter included: Input:100-240V; Output: 5V, 1A;
  • Integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af)
  • Max power consumption: 5W
  • Universal power adapter included: Input:100-240V; Output: 5V, 1A;
  • Integrated Power-over-Ethernet (802.3af)
  • Max power consumption: 5W
  • Unit weight: 0.925kg ;
  • Package weight: 1.55kg