Grandstream GRP2612P IP Phone Kenya


Grandstream GRP2612P IP Phone Kenya

Grandstream GRP2612P in Kenya is a powerful POE Supported a 2-line carrier-grade IP phone designed with zero-touch provisioning for mass deployment and easy management. The GRP2612P VoIP Phone built for the needs of busy desktop workers and designed for easy deployment by enterprises, service providers, and other high-volume markets.




Grandstream GRP2612P IP Phone Kenya

Grandstream GRP2612P is an entry-level IP phone for basic users and cubicles. GRP2612P supports two SIP accounts and Power over Ethernet. The 2.4″ color display has four multipurpose line keys with dual-color LEDs plus four context-sensitive soft keys. You sound great with Grandstream’s HD wideband audio technology for handset and speakerphone. Grandstream GRP2612P is a professional carrier-grade phone. Simple to deploy as part of a fleet, the phone shares a unified firmware with all the other models in the GRP2600 series. Grandstream GRP2612P in Dubai has enterprise-level security features, including secure boot, dual firmware images, and data storage encryption. You can swap the faceplate to customize the logo. For network connectivity, use the dual Fast Ethernet ports.

Grandstream GRP2612P is a powerful carrier-grade IP Phone featuring two lines, and zero-touch provisioning to make mass deployment and management a breeze. Boasting a color LCD with swappable faceplates for easy logo customization, 16 virtual multi-purpose keys, and enterprise-level security, the GRP2612P in Dubai meets the needs of any business or organization.

Grandstream Grp2612p Ipphone Dubai

Grandstream Grp2612p Ip Phone Dubai

The Grandstream GRP2612P includes Carrier-Grade Security Features to offer enterprise-level security that provides for Secure Boot, Dual Firmware Images, and Encrypted Data Storage. For Cloud Provisioning and Centralised Management. The Grandstream GRP2612P is supported by Grandstream’s Device Management System (GDMS), which provides a centralized interface to configure, provision, manage, and monitor deployments of Grandstream endpoints. The Grandstream GRP2612P is the entry-level Phone in GRP Series carried grade phones.  GRP2612P has 2 lines supported and 2 SIP Registration.

The GRP2612P takes the GRP series to the next level by offering a simple, easy-to-use model that also works over WiFi to make deployments even more flexible. The GRP 2612P Best suited for desktop users and enterprise VoIP Communications. The Grandstream GRP2612P offers 16 digital BLF Keys and the HD audio supporting all significant codecs, including wideband codecs G.722 and Opus.

The Inbuilt RJ9 headset jack is allowing EHS with Plantronics headsets. Being a Leading Grandstream Distributor in Dubai, UAE, we make sure Grandstream GRP2612P best price offers to our resellers and clients. We supply Grandstream GRP2612P to all parts of the UAE. Buying Grandstream GRP2612P from us in Dubai giving you an additional advantage on outstanding technical support. Call us today to get to know more about Grandstream GRP2612P and how it will help your Office Telephone System. The GRP2612P offers high-end security features, including secure boot, dual firmware images, and encrypted data storage. The GRP2612P models are state-of-the-art devices that will fill the need of easy to manage and deploy IP Phones for service providers and enterprises.

Grandstream GRP2612P IP Phone Quick Specs:

  • Supports 2 SIP accounts and 4 multi-purpose line keys
  • Swappable faceplate to allow for easy logo customization
  • HD audio supporting all major codecs, including wideband codecs G.722 and Opus
  • Enterprise-level protection including secure boot, dual firmware images, and encrypted data storage
  • Power Over Ethernet Support
  • 2.4” (320×240) color LCD, up to 4 SIP accounts and 4 multi-purpose line keys
  • Up to 16 virtual multi-purpose keys (VPKs) for digital BLF/speed-dial, 4 XML programmable softkeys
  • Dual switched 10/100MBps ports
  • Easily swappable faceplate for flexible logo customization
  • Zero provisioning and easy management through Grandstream’s new cloud platform, GDMS (Grandstream Device Management System). GDMS, which is currently in Beta and will be officially released in the coming months, provides a centralized secure interface to easily provision and manage large deployments of Grandstream endpoints.
  • Industry-leading security protection such as secure boot, random default password, unique security certificate per device, and encrypted data storage
  • Support for all major voice codecs including wide-band Opus, G.722, G.711, G.729A/B, G.723, iLBC, G.726, etc. and multi-party conferencing
  • Dual firmware images for improved reliability
  • Unified firmware across with all other GRP2600 series models
  • 500 Contact Phone Book