AVer CL01 Kenya


AVer CL01 Kenya

The AVer CL01 is a professional PTZ camera controller with a robust communication interface, built-in VISCA and Pelco-D/P protocols. AVer CL01 supports RS-422 / RS-485 / RS-232 / IP control for compatibility with most PTZ cameras. The simple configuration makes it easy to operate the 7 camera shortcut channels, 3 infinite rotation knobs, and more.


AVer CL01 PTZ camera controller Nairobi Kenya

The Aver CL01 PTZ camera controller in Nairobi, Kenya comes in handy for your broadcasting and programming requirements. It has been configured to allow for full compatibility with all Aver PTZ cameras and also other camera brands and models. This feature makes it suitable for use in government agencies, houses of worship, business conferences, and even in learning spaces. The simple 14 by 7-inch compact configuration on the Aver CL01 PTZ Camera controller in Nairobi, Kenya gives you the ability to control up to 7 cameras,thus providing the  efficiency and power of a mini studio at an arm’s length. It enables you to produce high quality videos with a touch of high professionalism.

AVer CL01 Features :

  • Impressive 255 Preset Locations
    • Aside from 10 preset locations that can be achieved via the IR remote control, you can capture a vast array  of angles as well as shift the recording view in an instant, thanks to the 255 preset location onboard the AVer CL01 camera controller. This is made possible through VISCA and PELCO – D/P  via RS – 232, RS – 485, and RS – 422 functionalities which have excellent compatibility with most PTZ motorized cameras. Furthermore, the AVer SmartShoot technology offers you maximum camera control to enable seamless transitions between the preset areas. This features offers you the ability to run multi-camera productions linking into the same AVer CL01, thereby saving you time and effort while enjoying unparalleled shooting dynamics.
  • Pan, Tilt & Zoom
    • The onboard PTZ motorized camera controller is designed with a joystick which presents fascinating features such as adjusting focus, panning, and tilting speedily with absolutely no sound at all. This ensures that your meetings are not inconvenienced  by shutter and zoom sounds. For more stability and control, the AVer CL01 camera controller enables the camera to move faster during zooming out to achieve instant framing, then move slower when zooming in ensuring that the intended focus is not obscured. This advanced feature of the AVer CL01 camera controller makes operation of any PTZ motorized camera a breeze for you.
  • Compatibility
    • The AVer CL01 camera controller mutually works perfectly with all AVer Auto Tracking and PTZ motorized cameras and many other brands. This affinity with other devices makes the advanced camera controller suitable for use in government agencies, houses of worship, business conferences, and even in learning spaces.
  • Enhanced Portability
    • The AVer CL01 camera controller is designed to weigh so light, making it easy to pack and carry around hence according you convenience. Its 14 by 7-inch size makes storage easier due to its compactness, giving you an amazing experience and ease of use.
  • Easy operation
    • The smart Aver CL01 camera controller is fitted with three rotational buttons, blacklist keys, and a joystick which you can simply twist or click to adjust settings such as sound volume or colour balance for your images on your output system. This does not require you to have any technical skills at all as it is not complicated; turning you into an expert within no time.

Why the AVer CL01?

  • It comes with an OLED display screen
  • Onboards a Pan/Tilt/Zoom control joystick
  • Swiftly manage up to 7 cameras with the option of shortcuts
  • 3 rotation knobs to use when changing brightness and focus
  • Multiple control interfaces with RS485, RS422, RS232, IP, and Micro USB, thus easy to upgrade firmware
  • Control protocols of VISCA, SONY VISCA , Pelco-D/P, UDP, IP (VISCA over IP)

AVer CL01 Specifications :

  • I/O Interface
    • Communication: RS-485, RS-422, RS-232, IP, Micro USB
    • Baud Rate: 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200, 38400 bps
  • User Interface
    • Display : OLED display screen
    • Camera Shortcut Channel: 7
    • Rotation Button : 3
    • Joystick : 1
  • Camera Control
    • IP Address : Default: /163 /164 /165 /166 /167 /168 (from Cam 1 to Cam 7)
    • UDP Port : 08090
    • Cam ID : 1 to 7 and more (255* max.)
    • Control Protocol : VISCA, SONY VISCA , Pelco D/P, UDP, IP (VISCA over IP)
  • System
    • Operating Temperature: 0°C ~ 40°C (32°F ~ 104°F)
    • Dimensions: 173 mm (W) x 99 mm (H) x 350 mm (D)
    • Net Weight: 2.5 kg
    • Power Source: DC 12V/2A
    • AC 100 – 240V
    • Power Consumption: 24 W
    • Application: Indoor

What’s in the Box :

  • User manual
  • 4 – pin RS485 terminal
  • Power adapter