AVer Ballista Unity GS310 Kenya


AVer Ballista Unity GS310 Kenya

Lose yourself in the world of gaming with natural – like sounds from AverMedia’s powerful Aver Ballista Unity GS310 in Nairobi, Kenya. Boasting of an intricate and exotic design, the Aver Ballista Unity GS310 is packed with advanced features which are essential for a rich and exciting gaming experience. It is equipped with a 27W 5.5″ full – range subwoofer and two 6.5W satellite speakers to deliver high quality sounds.



AVer Ballista Unity GS310 Speaker System Nairobi, Kenya

The Aver GS310 Ballista Unity is AVerMedia’s flagship 2.1 channel gaming speaker system that is equipped with a 48-Watt, 6.5″ full-range subwoofer, and two 2.75″ midrange satellite speakers. Specially designed and configured for gaming, the speaker system delivers immersive high-frequency game sound with rich bass and zero distortion. The AVer Ballista Unity GS310 Dubai comes with a centralized control console for users to enjoy the flexibility of setting up an audio environment at the snap of a finger, regardless of the location. The intuitive console has an adjustment button for Power, Volume, Bass, and Treble. It further offers the option of RCA and 3.5mm auxiliary jacks to give you the freedom of setting up an excellent audio environment. The speaker system can be mounted on either a shelf or wall as the solid base has been built to accommodate a variety of setup options. The satellites can be positioned up to a distance of 5.9′ away courtesy of the supplied cable.

AVer Ballista Unity GS310 Features :

  • Rich Gaming Audio
    • The AVer Ballista Unity – GS310 comes with a 27W 5.5″ full-range subwoofer, and two 6.5 W satellite speakers which can transmit all kinds of sounds from gunshots, footsteps, orientation sounds, fighting sounds to explosion, giving you lively gaming experience.
  • Well Placed Satellites
    • When placed at or above ear level, satellite speakers sound best. The Ballista series satellites come with embedded keyholes to give the user more options when adjusting their vertical positions, without having to stack books or move furniture.
  • Adjustable Console Controls
    • The AVer GS310 Ballista Unity comes with a centralized control console to give users the flexibility of setting up audio as and when needed. The multifunctional console has adjustment buttons for Power, Volume, Bass, and Treble, as well as RCA and 3.5mm auxiliary jacks for enhanced audio management. Now you can play with your sound and adjust it to the level that offers you the best possible output from music, movies, and games.
  • Maximum Control
    • The Control Box gives you an easy bass control, and further lets you enjoy the flexibility to connect your MP3 player, headset, or standalone microphone.
  • Maximum Efficiency
    • The high performing AVer Ballista Unity – GS310 works perfectly with computers, game consoles, music players, mobile devices, or any other devices that have a 3.5mm or an RCA audio output.
  • Easy Setup
    • With just 1 RCA and 2 AUX inputs for your PC, a console and a media player, you can effortlessly set up and operate your AVer Ballista Unity – GS310 by simply switching between them using the source switch, even with your basic technical skills. This easy setup gives you an amazing and epic gaming experience.

Why the AVer Ballista Unity – Aver GS310? 

  • Specifically designed, engineered and configured for rich gaming audio
  • Guaranteed compactness and portability, thanks to its lightweight design
  • Maximum efficiency of connecting it to computers, game consoles, music players, mobile devices, and other devices that have a 3.5mm or RCA audio output.
  • A wide variety of controls ranging from the power button, source switch, volume control knob, bass knob to the treble knob

AVer Ballista Unity GS 310 Specifications :

Output Power Total Output: 40 W RMS
Subwoofer Output: 27 W
Satellite Output: 6.5 W x 2
Frequency Response 50 –20,000 Hz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio ≧ 70 dB
Cross Talk ≧ 40 dB
Hum Noise <2 mV
Speaker Drivers ●         Subwoofer: 5.5″, 4 Ω

●         Midrange: 2.75″, 4 Ω x 2

Controls Power button, Volume control knob, Bass knob
Input RCA, 3.5 mm primary, 3.5 mm auxiliary, 3.5 mm microphone
Output 3.5 mm headphone, 3.5 mm microphone
Dimensions (W×D×H) ●         Control Box: 50 x 145 x 210 mm

●         Subwoofer: 231 x 238 x 220 mm

●         Satellite: 82 x 102 x 186 mm

Weight ●         Control Box: 660 g

●         Subwoofer: 2,580 g

●         Satellite: 820 g x 2

System Requirements Computers, game consoles, Music players, Mobile devices, or other devices with 3.5 mm or RCA audio output

What’s in the Box :

  • Control Box
  • Subwoofer
  • Satellite x 2
  • RCA to 3.5 mm cable
  • 5 mm audio cable
  • Rubber feet
  • Info packet