Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset Kenya


Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset Kenya

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset in Kenya is designed for office and industrial environments, these handsets provide high-security, high-quality voice communications over a devoted, coded wireless network. With 20-plus hours of talk time, they give users consistent access to PBX features like hold, conferencing, and messaging.


Avaya 3720 IP DECT Nairobi

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset Nairobi  is designed for office environments. Voice communications use safe DECT technology, which enables high-quality conversations between callers. This wireless IP DECT phone by Avaya Kenya is compatible with Aura and IP Office, allowing you takes your telephony mobile around the office.

Avaya 3720 Dect Phone Mombasa NairobiDedicated buttons on the Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset Nairobi include a message key. Other features offered by the handset are a 250-entry directory, a call list with 25 calls, conferencing and messaging options as available over the PBX. For office workers, the Avaya 3720 Kenya Phone offers core functionality at a budget-friendly price. The 3720 IP DECT Handset Kenya adds a backlit keypad, big color display, text messaging, liquid and dust protection.

Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset Features:

  • Provides core DECT and PBX functionality
  • Black & white backlit display
  • Four-way navigation key
  • Half duplex loudspeaker
  • 5 built-in languages (English, French, German, Russian, Spanish)
  • GUI interface for access to IP Office Feature Menu and Telephone Book (w/ AIWS)
  • 16 hour talk time
  • 160 hour standby time
  • Wired headset connector
  • Standard belt clip and battery pack included
  • Charger not included

Easily manage multiple devices

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset enables you to easily manage multiple Avaya devices within your office using various 3rd party platforms that have been approved by Avaya such as Avaya Aura®, Avaya IP Office™ platform and many others that are currently existing in the market. This allows for a quick and easy access to available management options including the company telephone directory and the implementation of centralized software upgrades.

Safe and worry-free calling

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset automatically encrypts the wireless signal, thus enabling you to conduct conversations without anyone listening. In addition, the handset is equipped with a battery with a talk time of up to 16 hours. The handset is fully charged within 4 hours.

Crystal Clear Audio :

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset is equipped with an in- built  half – duplex speaker which delivers crystal clear sounds. The speaker filters out any background noises that may interfere with fluent  and audible communications in busy and noisy environments.

Long- Lasting Battery Power :

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset has a strong and rechargeable in-built battery which has a total charging time of 4 hours in order to achieve a full battery status. On a full single charge, the robust battery can offer a talk time of 16 hours with its Bluetooth feature turned on but not connected to other devices. When on standby mode, the robust battery can last up to 160 hours (with Bluetooth enabled/not connected). The Battery charger is always sold separately.

Moisture & Dust – Proof :

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Phone is designed for use in tough environments with a lot of dust, noise and heavy machinery. It is for this reason that it has been built using strong and durable materials which prevent it from damage when used in such kinds of tough conditions. 

User Friendly :

Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset comes with a built-in menu which is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is make a few clicks and you are able to make or receive a phone call without much effort. A user can also easily enjoy other functions such as sending messages and listening to recorded messages sent by specific contacts on the phone. The phonebook is automatically connected to the company phonebook which has room for 1000 contacts. In addition, another 250 contacts can be stored locally.

Clear Backlit Display Screen :

Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset is equipped with a 112 x 115-pixel color LCD with white LED backlight screen for an enhanced visual clarity to its user. The large screen also gives the user a quick access to details, thus enabling them to easily make or receive phone calls, as well as sending messages.

Compatibility :

Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset is built to allow for full compatibility with IP Office Release version 5.0 & higher, as well as with the Communications Manager. The highly efficient handset also allows for use of 5 different languages including English, French, German, Russian, and Spanish(with 14 additional for download), giving the user the freedom to choose one that they best understand.

Portability :

The Avaya 3720 IP DECT Handset is designed to be extremely lightweight to allow for maximum mobility. A user can also multitask, as in making a phone call while working on other office chores,, thus boosting efficiency and maximizing productivity in the office.


Telephone System Kenya Datsheet Download


Telephone System Kenya Datsheet Download