Avaya 1220 IP Phone Kenya


Avaya 1220 IP Phone Kenya

The Avaya 1220 IP Phone in Kenya is perfect for office workers with moderate call activity, the 1220 IP Phone is an intermediate-level phone that comes pre-programmed with key features. It offers 4 softkeys and 6 shortcut buttons.



Avaya 1220 IP Phone  in Nairobi 

The Avaya 1220 IP Phone in Nairobi is a multi-line, intermediate-level desktop phone in the exciting Avaya 1200 Series IP Deskphones. Originally designed and optimized for small and medium-sized businesses, the Avaya 1200 Series IP deskphones are now prolonged to enterprises, offering a cheap feature set with modern styling. The Avaya 1220 IP Phone in Eldoret is preferably placed for employees with moderate communication requirements.

Avaya 1220 Ip Phone Mombasa NairobiThese IP deskphones in Avaya 1200 series offer multiple softkeys, combined speakerphones, headset support, advanced audio quality technology for crystal-clear conversations, and a combined Ethernet switch for single desktop wiring. Designed to serve a variety of business requirements, they can be easily customized for advanced users. The Avaya 1200 Series Kenya works with Avaya Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 2100, and Business Communications Manager.

Avaya 1220 IP Phone Features:

  • Ergonomic design with minimal footprint adds a professional look to your business environment while protecting your valuable desktop space.
  • Simplified communications; the most common BCM features used by SMBs come pre-programmed on all IP Phone 1200 Series sets. You can also customize the sets from a choice of more than 400 BCM telephony features.
  • Quick access to call data and features via multiple softkeys jumpstarts improved employee productivity.
  • Superior audio quality leverages some of the latest technologies to ensure crystal clear conversations.
  • Integrated headset and speaker phone – every model is fully featured with an integrated headset and high-quality, two-way speaker phone (hands-free) for executives or multi-tasking workers.
  • Integrated two-port 10/100 Ethernet switch so you can plug your PC directly into it, dramatically reducing the costs of moves, adds and changes.
  • Multi-line IP Desk phone supports up to four line/programmable feature keys, eight fixed telephony keys, four context-sensitive soft keys and six shortcut/feature keys.
  • 5 lines x 25 characters display with anti-glare screen combined with a flexible two-position adjustable foot stand optimizes viewing under varied lighting conditions.
  • Four-way navigation cluster with Enter key maximizes user choice and flexibility in navigation.
  • Superior audio quality leverages some of the latest technologies to ensure crystal-clear conversations.
  • Integrated headset and speakerphone -— supports a high-quality, two-way speakerphone (hands free) and other optional headsets for executives or multi-tasking workers.
  • Simplified communications — the most commonly used Avaya Business Communications Manager (BCM) and Avaya Communication Server 1000 features come preprogrammed on all 1200 Series IP Deskphones. You can also customize the sets from hundreds of BCM and Communication Server 1000 telephony features.
  • Integrated 10/100 Base-T Ethernet switch with LAN and PC ports reduces costs, enabling a single cable drop to support both the phone and a collocated PC.
  • Supports 802.3af standards-based PoE or local AC power via power adapter.
  • Compatible with optional Key Expansion

User Friendly :

Avaya 1220 IP Phone comes with a built-in menu which is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is make a few clicks and you are able to make or receive a phone call without much effort. A user can also easily enjoy other functions such as sending messages and listening to recorded messages sent by specific contacts on the phone. The phonebook is automatically connected to the company phonebook which has room for 1000 contacts. In addition, another 250 contacts can be stored locally.

Easily manage multiple devices

The Avaya 1220 IP Phone enables you to easily manage multiple Avaya devices within your office using various 3rd party platforms that have been approved by Avaya such as Avaya Communication Server 1000, Communication Server 2100, and Business Communications Manager, and many others that are currently existing in the market. This allows for a quick and easy access to available management options including the company telephone directory and the implementation of centralized software upgrades.

Safe and worry-free calling

The Avaya 1220 IP phone automatically encrypts the wireless signal, thus enabling you to conduct conversations without anyone listening.

Crystal Clear Audio :

The Avaya 1220 IP phone is equipped with an in- built  2-way speaker which delivers crystal clear sounds. The speaker filters out any background noises that may interfere with fluent  and audible communications in busy and noisy environments.

Portability :

The Avaya 1220 IP Phone is designed to be extremely lightweight to allow for maximum mobility. A user can also multitask, as in making a phone call while working on other office chores,, thus boosting efficiency and maximizing productivity in the office.

Wall Mountable :

The Avaya 1220 IP Phone offers an easy deployment process that requires no technical expertise. It can be mounted on a wall so as to result in a neater and cleaner work station.


Avaya 1220 IP Phone Specifications :

Phone Type

– IP

Delivery options

– Worldwide shipping


– 1 year

Ghekko’s services

– Buyback
– Repair


– PoE (Power over Ethernet)


– Backlit

Number of lines

– 4

Function keys

– 4 soft keys


– Mute
– Volume
– Headset
– Message


– Wall-mount option

Phone features

– Headset port
– Loudspeaker
– Volume controls
– Message waiting


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