Avaya HC050 Kenya


Avaya HC050 Kenya

The sleek Avaya HC050 Conference Camera enables you to take video conferencing to a whole new level. It is a compact hi-tech office device that provides you with High Definition 1080p video at 30 frames per seconds.


Avaya HC050 Conference Camera Kenya

The Avaya HC050 Kenya Being compliant with UVC H.224 and H.281, The Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 is compatible with Avaya Conferencing clients such as Spaces, Avaya IX Workplace, and other party conferencing platforms like Microsoft© Skype for Business, Microsoft© Teams, BlueJeans©, Zoom©, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx, StarLeaf, Rainbow, Pexip, RingCentral and RingCentral Meetings.

The Avaya HC050 Kenya has been specifically designed for use in small to medium-sized meeting rooms as it delivers utility, security, and exceptional meeting experience for training, brainstorming, together with team and customer meetings with a personal connection.

Avaya IX HC050 Nairobi

Avaya IX HC050 Nairobi


    • Equipped with an optical zoom of up to 12× and 72° horizontal field of view, the Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 captures crystal clear images, ensuring every participant in the room is seen. The hi-tech device offers 1080p30/25, 720p30/25, 1080p60 and 720p60 video formats when using a laptop and 1080p30/720p/30p formats when using XT. These features enable the camera to optimize and balance light intensity, resulting in high-quality images in your conference room. The premium camera is also equipped with 122 different camera presets with essential additions like autofocus, auto-exposure, and auto white balance, resulting in natural-looking images with even tones across all skin types, ensuring that every conference participant is clearly seen.
    • With an optical zoom of up to 12× and a digital zoom of up to 16×, the Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 enables you to push the focal length to full limits without losing image clarity. The camera comes with the option of including 1-way POD microphone for small rooms and a 3-way POD microphone for medium rooms, making it a perfect solution for both small and medium rooms.
    • The Avaya IX HC050 Huddle camera is equipped with a 1 2/7″ CMOS Sensor to provide users with sharp autofocus and high studio-quality videos. Enjoy breathtaking image clarity of up to 1080p at 30 frames per second, even in poor lighting or extreme brightness, giving you world-class conference experience.
    • The Avaya HC050 Huddle Camera boasts of an omnidirectional microphone with a strong frequency response of 50Hz – 8kHz, and a sound pickup within a range of 3m. It further enables you to enjoy a wide coverage of 360°, resulting in audible, crystal clear sounds.
    • The Avaya HC050 Huddle Camera enjoys an impressive zooming power of up to 16× digital zoom. This makes it easy for the user to perform functions like highlighting content and changing shooting angles at random, which can be achieved even when the user is panning or tilting. This enables you to enjoy a smooth PTZ performance with crystal clear video output minus pixilation and motion blur, even when subjects are zoomed in up close.
    • With a click of a button, the Avaya IX HC050 Huddle camera uses smart auto-frame technology to bring every participant in your meeting room into one frame on the same shot. This also helps capture motions within the meeting room, like new additions to the conference or participants exiting. Furthermore, the Avaya IX HC050 camera boasts of lens enjoy rapid autofocus abilities, automatically adjusting to every participant’s move quickly swiftly to ensure the image remains focused all through.
    • The Avaya HC050 Huddle camera allows the user to simply program its presets on the remote control ahead of time, and during meetings, they can shift the camera from a wide view of the room to a close-up of an object with just the press button.
    • The Intelligence algorithm incorporated into the Avaya HC050 huddle Camera enables it to detect, focus on, and capture human and moving objects in the conference room. It is so accurate that you are guaranteed sharp subject focus and framing, ensuring that your main targets remain tracked throughout the presentation.
    • This feature is embedded in the Avaya HC050 Huddle Camera for specific use in rooms with bright windows and too much light. It enables the camera to focus and prioritize faces and human subjects, leaving other objects and surfaces, therefore resulting in balanced images that leave the participants looking natural with even skin tones, even in dim or backlit conditions.
    • The Avaya IX Huddle Camera HC050 has been designed to give an easy user experience, thus saving you from time-wasting to cut out delays in starting your meetings. With a USB 3.0 cable, the gadget allows for a quick set up by simply plugging in the camera. This further enables you to enjoy full control from your seat with enhanced video configurations using your remote control. Furthermore, data and power connections are integrated into the same cable which ensures that both camera and speakerphone join easily with a single cable, thus making its deployment such an easy task.
    • The Avaya IX Huddle camera HC050 has been configured to work perfectly with various Avaya Conferencing clients such as Spaces, Avaya IX Workplace and other party conferencing platforms like Microsoft© Skype for Business, Microsoft© Teams, BlueJeans©, Zoom©, Google Hangouts, Cisco WebEx, StarLeaf, Rainbow, Pexip, RingCentral and RingCentral Meetings.
    • The Avaya IX Huddle HC050 camera is built with a universal clip design that literally fits in any setup. The user can easily attach it on their laptop screen, desktop monitor, place it on a desk, or even on a tripod, making its installation such a breeze.


Camera model: HC050 1080p@30


Image device: CMOS 1 2/7″


Video formats with laptop : 1080p30/25, 720p30/25, 1080p60/720p/60


Video Formats with XT: 1080p30/ 720p30


Video signal: Compressed (H.264) on USB


Focal length: f 3.5mm~ 42.3mm, F1.8 ~ F 2.8


Min object distance (wide): 100mm


Min illumination: 0.5 Lux @ (F1.8, AGC ON)


HFoV: 72.5°


VFoV: 43°


Optical Zoom (*): 12×


Digital Zoom (*): 16×


Pan range: +/-  170°


Tilt range: +/- 30°


Serial control: Serial in-out – USB


Ceiling Mount: Supported


Camera Mount: Tripod Screw hole (¼ – 20  UNC)


Weight: 0.91 Kg


Dimensions (W/H/D): 128.5mm × 118mm × 156.2mm


Current consumption (max): 1 A


Video configurations: White balance (auto/manual); Focus Mode(auto/manual); Sharpness; Backlight ; Exposure Compensation ; Picture (auto/manual) and WDR level


Voltage range: DC 12V


Camera Output: USB 3.0


Microphone: Frequency response 50Hz – 8kHz, 3m radius Omni (6m diameter), coverage 360°


Presets: 122(for all connected cameras, directly on XT codec)


Far end control: Through XT codec (H.224, H.281)


Interoperability:  The Avaya HC050 Camera is compatible with Avaya Conferencing clients such as Spaces and Avaya IX Workplace and with third party conferencing clients such as Microsoft© Skype for Business, Microsoft© Teams, Zoom©, BlueJeans©, Google Hangouts, Pexip, Cisco WebEx, StarLeaf, Rainbow, RingCentral, RingCentral Meetings.


  • Avaya HC050 Camera
  • USB cable
  • HC050 Wall Mount
  • AC Power Adapter
  • Remote control with Batteries