Sales Force Telephone Integration Kenya

It is possible to integrate Salesforce CRM together with your telephone system in Nairobi. Most call centers havetaken this procedure so as to reduce average handle times and improve client satisfaction. This is made possible through computer-telephony integration(CTI). Vector Kenya is highly skilled in CRM Phone integration and can assist you in connecting your telephony platform to a Salesforce CRM platform. This gives your business a chance to grow by transforming its sales process for the better. Your sales team does not have to look around to find the customer details, instead they can have the full details of the customer right  in front of them. Some examples of customer details that may be available include, Lead status, Given proposals , Current stage, and many others.

Sales Force Telephony Integration Kenya Nairobi

Our CRM Telephony Integration Service

We offer scalable Salesforce telephone integration solutions which are equipped with the best advanced features so as to meet the requirements of modern businesses. We have  telephone products to support all the communication methods like IP, TDM, Video , Wired or Wireless and SIP Protocol [ Trio]. Choose from a wide assortment of office telephone systems in Nairobi, Kenya one  that best fits your Business. Our highly skilled team of technicians are glad to assist you integrate  your preferred Salesforce CRM solution to your Phone system in Eldoret, Kenya. We have spread our services across various towns in Kenya including Eldoret, Mombasa, and Kisumu. We also offer our services in a few towns in the Emirates including Al – Ain.

What is a CTI Telphone integration with Salesforce ?

Salesforce CTI Telphone integration  which sits on each agent’s desktop.  When you have a Slesforce Telphone System Integration, you get the following benefits:

Screen pops on incoming calls

When a call arrives at your phone, the Salesforce CRM & PBX System integration initiate a search in based on the caller’s phone number or on digits he may have entered via the IVR .  If it finds a match, it will pop a page showing the contact or account record of the caller or a different object that related to the caller number.

Click to Dial

When CRM Integration is present, all phone numbers in Salesforce become clickable links .You only need click them to dial those numbers.It also make the Phone numbers found on websites clickable. Then the phone will initiate the call dial out.

Automatic call logging

When you are on a call, you’ll have the opportunity to take notes on that call, which will be automatically logged as an Activity and associated to objects that you have navigated to during the call (for instance, the caller’s contact record, or a Case or Opportunity you created during the call). Moreover each and every calls will be logged to corresponding record on salesforce.

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