Jabra Headsets Kenya

Communication is very crucial in all aspects of daily business activities. With stiff competition among different industries, there are many available communication solutions that help a business outdo others and stand out in this highly competitive arena. A lot of organizations such as Call centers, Back support, hospitality, and many others heavily use telephones in carrying out their daily work functions. This may be quite tedious for employees as telephone use eats up most of their time since they have to interact with clients or other employees, especially in an environment where a unified communication system is being utilized. This is because employees cannot move freely as much as they would love to while carrying out their tasks.

Quality user experience and endpoint devices are crucial to the enterprise that implements the unified communication systems. Companies pay much on developing the systems, upgrading the networks, deploying the latest software, but they normally forget one thing: Headsets. Headsets  plays an essential role in the overall development of end-user experience. Several premium headsets are available in the market that is well optimized for today’s business environments.

Why Jabra Headsets for Office Phones

Choosing the right Headsets that not only unify your business tools but also maintains a superb quality in the transmission of audio are major factors to consider in acquiring the ideal Headsets for your work environment. Jabra headsets have been designed to guarantee you maximum comfort  all day. It also works perfectly with your computer, smartphones, mobile phones, and your desk phones. The Jabra headsets can help you transform your working experience if you wish to shift from traditional systems to modern ways. It offers success to the attributes relating to the Unified communication systems.

Jabra Headset Kenya Abudhabi Nairobi

VDS Technology Kenya helps businesses in analyzing, designing, implementing, and integrating Jabra Headsets  into their existing systems so as to facilitate easy communication. We help identify and improve performance with the right series of headphones available with Jabra. Users find it easy to use and communicate, thus reducing the associated risk of any information slip due to a lack of sound delivery. We develop and deploy a newly built system or revamp the existing infrastructure.

Jabra headphones Kenya comes in different versions and models, including Jabra Wired Headsets and Jabra Wireless Headsets.

Jabra Wireless Headset Models

Jabra Bluetooth headsets provide you with the most convenient experience that unites the devices (mobile, desk phones, softphones) by delivering quality calls even in a noisy environment. It extends multiple benefits in terms of commercial savings and agent satisfaction.

Features of the Jabra Wireless Headsets :

  • Support multi-device connectivity
  • Talk comfortably
  • Control the calls distantly
  • Customize with Jabra Applications
  • Wideband Audio
  • High Definition Voice
  • Wireless freedom of 150 Meters
  • Safe tone

Jabra Wired Headset Models

The corded headsets from Jabra are the most professional headsets available now. It can be best utilized in the professional environments designed to keep ahead of the evolving industry. As with the other Jabra headphones, the prominent feature is the ultra-noise cancellation in busy conditions.


  • Lightweight and modest design
  • HD voice
  • Comfort talk
  • Support multi-device connectivity
  • Microphone with noise-canceling
  • Prevents air shock
  • Super ear cushion
  • Free spin
  • Control unit for changing volume, Mute calls.

Office Desk Headsets (Jabra Evolve series)

This office desk phone headsets boasts of a long wireless range of up to 30 meters. This gives its users the freedom to move around  while on a call for a printout, or to grab a cup of tea or to find a document. Some of the features of these Premium Office Desk Headsets include :

  • The wireless range for 30 Meters
  • Blue tooth connectivity
  • Enhanced noise cancellation techniques
  • Quality speakers for voice and music

Providing Headset solution for your business in Kenya

There are a wide variety of headset series from which you can select your best from. Consider ones that are equipped with the most advanced features such as noise cancelling technique, so as to enjoy crystal clear and audible sounds.

Modern technology has greatly been embraced in Kenya, leading to the growth of many businesses. Many organizations have since implemented advanced technologies. Partnering with a trusted service provider for the implementation and integration of telecom systems with your existing systems is very essential for the success of your business. Vector Digital System is a top leader in the provision IP telephony solutions and IT support. We are highly dedicated in empowering your business with the right solutions so that you can achieve growth and success.

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