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A good Software in this competitive world is one that serves specific purposes of necessities at hand. Such a software is usually equipped with the most advanced features to tackle all the issues in communication.It enables you to work faster, thus saving you from unnecessary time delays and cut down on  additional costs incurred.We at Vector Kenya offer you reliable CRM/ERP Solutions which work specifically for you. Many big companies use ERP to perform all tasks in their offices including, client management, accounts management, HR management, and many others.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is simply a software which enables a company to easily manage its interactions with its clients so as to enhance business connections and relationships.It is a set of procedures and regulations to automatically coordinate areas where the customers are engaged in, such as marketing to sales department in the business. It enables your workers to effectively respond to the various different concerns of clients.

Software Development Nairobi

  • CRM is the store place of all your customers’ information in one place.
  • Every one of your members will be able to see the exact point when you have communicated with a client last time.
  • Able to see the conversation between the employee and client

ERP Software

ERP, or in other words, Enterprise Resource Planning software is a software which contains combined data of an organization’s working structure. It combines all the work operations of all available departments in a company, for example, the HR department, Production department, Customer Relationship department, and the manufacturing department into one synchronized system.

The Importance of Custom ERP/CRM.

CRM/ERP is specifically designed for organizations and groups of user so as to serve their communication requirements. These kinds of softwares however cannot be categorized as software packages that are readily available in markets for everyone.This is done so as to ensure that all your customized requirements are met and your preference fulfilled.

Partner with a trusted and leading firm for such kinds of efficient softwares that have been built while putting into consideration your specific needs and requirements.

We have a customized software application for you.

Vector Digital Systems in Kenya is a well known service provider in IT and development of reliable softwares such as CRM/ERP. We have a good knowledge in IT solutions, and can therefore come up with solutions that best fit into existing systems in your office.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals  who can help you choose, create, and implement a CRP/ERP soolution that best suits your requirements and needs. We have previously delivered customized ERP and CRM solutions to many top companies. This unified software enables you to focus on all areas of your work and achieve maximum results in your business.

Create tools for your business.

Implementing the simplest solution is one way to win in the business sector. We dwell on your business,make an understanding of your business, understand your business, listen to your problems, and join with you as one to define the right and best solutions for you. That is where Vector Digital Kenya fits in. When your custom software is developed from us, it helps you build a solid foundation for your business/ company requirements. The Software can be made to high standards and can be done really faster in accordance with the agreed time.

The Features highlights the importance of customized application for your business.

  • Provides the features you want
  • Designing the application according to your needs
  • Increased level of productivity
  • High level of traceability
  • High efficiency
  • Customized solutions.

We are dedicated on all the realms of business such as Health Care, educational institutions, Sports, Real estate, hospitality etc.…The services we offer are trust-worthy and reliable, thus making our customers satisfied with our business solutions through minimal cost and maximum benefits.

Wake up to the idea of your own Custom CRM/ERP Software

Haven’t you decided to go for your own ERP/CRM to make an impact on your business? Wake up to the idea of implementing a new project that truly stand out your business from others.

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