Avaya Distributor in Kenya

Investing in the best communication infrastructure is the key towards success in your business in the current fast – moving world of technology. An advanced phone system keeps you at par with upcoming trends in the technological sector, therefore giving you a chance to outdo your business competitors. We at Avaya offer various solutions including conferencing solutions, IP phones, and many others to meet your communication needs in business. Make Avaya your trusted IT partner for the best IT solutions in the market and boost productivity in your business.

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Having been continuously ranked as one of the best service providers in IP telephony solutions and IT products, Avaya delivers office telephone systems to many businesses across various towns in Kenya. It has specifically carved out a niche’ in Nairobi town,best known to supply communication solutions to many different companies. Our Video conferencing systems enable you to maximize productivity of your workers and as a result, take your business a notch higher.Our skilled experts assist you to install your chosen and preferred communication solution.


Achieving new heights with the leading telephone system in Nairobi provider in Kenya  

The ongoing Covid – 19 world pandemic has prompted many businesses, schools,organizations, and companies to embrace modern technological methods such as video conferencing, so as to maintain the rules of social distancing and reduce health risks.  Face-to- face meetings have always proved to be quite expensive and time wasting due to travel costs and time incurred. Video conferencing methods therefore enable businesses to maximize productivity on a budget – friendly cost. They enable you to easily connect and collaborate with your colleagues and workers even from different locations. Vector Digital Systems in Kenya is Avaya’s trusted supplier in Kenya which delivers excellent communication solutions.

You can easily connect with your business clients and colleagues from your mobile or desktop device using a video conferencing solution, all from the comfort of your home office without having to travel. The video conferencing solutions are cost effective and highly convenient for your day – to – day business communications.

Telephone solutions with the Avaya IP and conferencing phones

Avaya IP phones are a perfect communication solution for both small and medium – sized enterprises which aim to boost productivity in their businesses.  The IP Phones are futuristic, having been equipped with the most advanced features so as to deliver a world – class level of communication experience. Your team can therefore connect easily using Avaya IP and conferencing phones and discuss matters pertaining work and business. It is not only a cost effective way of conducting meetings, but also a time-saving strategy in business. Using Avaya conferencing systems in business comes with a number of advantages, some of which are listed below:

  • Crystal Clear transmission during meetings
  • Full duplex audio quality
  • Powerful speakers augment audio pick up
  • Noise suppression blocks out background noises
  • Suitable for Board rooms and large conference rooms

Avaya Distributor In Kenya


Keeping the right connections with clients and investors is currently the key towards achieving success in business. Avaya office telephone systems in Nairobi are highly flexible and efficient, allowing you to connect fully with major IP PBX platforms and other IP telephone systems. This enables you to explore your communication capabilities as well as maintain a good business relationship with your customers and clients.

Avaya phone Kenya offers a number of digital phone series and IP phones which greatly determine the kind of communications your business makes with the outer world. Avaya offers a variety of high end IP phones from 1100, 1200, 1400, 1600,9500, to 9600 deskphone series.


Trusted solutions with the leading Avaya Distributor in Kenya

Choose Avaya systems and solutions as your IT partner and enjoy the best communication solutions at a pocket-friendly cost. Avaya has built a name in providing the best office telephony systems in Kenya, Nairobi and wireless solutions across the world. Our experienced technicians help you install your preferred solution while adhering to the highest standards of configuration and orientation. You can access our services in Nairobi as well as in Eldoret town in Kenya.

Perfect Solutions for a Better  Business Future

We offer a variety of branded video conferencing solutions , giving you the freedom to choose your preference. Our professional team of technicians assists you in choosing a VoIP solution that best suits your business needs. We also guide you through each and every development stage of your business, from planning to implementation, then incorporate a suitable conference system that will help you achieve your set goals and objectives. You can access our available services across various tows in Kenya including Mombasa, Kitale, Eldoret, Nyeri, and Kisumu.