Avaya Conference phones

Using conference phones has proved to be of major use in many businesses currently. Aside from being a perfect communication tool, conference phones aid many people in business to maximize productivity and as a result, realize big profit margins. Conference phones come in handy in large meetings scenarios as it enables the user to get in touch with fellow workmates, speed up pending tasks, and achieve a quicker decision – making process in the office.

Avaya conference phones allow for group calls, enabling multiple users to connect and talk together at once in real time. Persons working remotely can therefore connect easily with those working from the office through a Conference Bridge which joins the different telephone lines into one. Avaya Conference phones are useful whenever there is need to conduct business meetings and share office reports. It is time saving and  cost effective as it helps in eliminating travel expenses of staff which would have otherwise been incurred by the business.

Many businesses should therefore embrace the use of conference phones so as to build networks, stay in touch with clients who may be located across different places, and maintain constant communication between employers and employees.

Quality Conference Phones for Better Conference Experience.

As is the norm with Avaya’s excellent standards of production, Avaya conference phones have been designed to accord you an amazing communication experience thus boosting productivity of your workers. Our conference phones come with advanced high quality audio features, making them suitable for use in large conference rooms and board rooms.

Embrace the cutting edge solutions with Vector Digital solutions Kenya

Vector Digital Solutions Kenya is one of the leading providers of IP telephony solutions across Kenya and other parts of Eastern Africa. It offers the best conference call solutions including the modern Avaya conference phone systems which are specifically designed for small and medium – sized businesses. Avaya conference phones are highly reliable as they accurately capture every little detail of your meetings, ensuring you never miss out on anything.

Advantages of using AVAYA conference phones :

  • Clear transmission during meetings
  • Full duplex sounds during the meeting
  • Powerful speakers augment audio pick up
  • Noise suppression cut the background disturbances
  • Plug and play feature
  • Suitable for board rooms and large conference rooms

Vector Digital Systems boasts of a highly skilled team of technicians which will assist you in choosing the most suitable conference solution depending on your business size. It also helps you to upgrade your an already existing telephony solution in your office.

Integrate better with productivity features:

  • Connect to your IP network easily
  • Manage conference calls quickly
  • Enhanced audio technology for superior sound

Our ever – ready and highly skilled team of experts gladly guides you step by step through each phase of your business development, from planning to implementation, while considering your budget and choice of conference solution.

Perfect Telephony Solutions for A Brighter Future

Being the leading provider of IP telephony solutions in Kenya and Eastern Africa region, we have an assortment of  branded VoIP solutions that match your conferencing needs.We walk you through every single development stage of our business, from planning, implementation, to finally installing your most preferred solution that suits your business size. Apart from Avaya conference phones, we also offer Grandstream conference phones, Panasonic conference phones, Snom conference phones  and Yealink conference phones, all of which have been designed to deliver an easy user experience.


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